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Presentation of the Reflective School Journal

Şcoala Reflexivă (Reflective School) journal is published by the Romanian RWCT Association for preuniversity and university teachers, trainers, educational researchers... more

Series 2, No. 2 - Cooperative learning

Articles (available in Romanian): Management of cooperative learning issues; How to teach responsibility?; Working in cooperative teams; Management of cooperative learning; Cooperation... more

Series 2, No. 1 - Democracy and Education for Values

Articles (available in Romanian): Assessment of democratic values; Values of democracy in the RWCT programme; The teacher as leader in the classroom; Identifying and exploring opportunities... more

Volume 2, No. 1(4) - Inclusive Education

Articles (available in Romanian): Inclusive education – policies, preconditions, strategies; Otherness or the value of diversity; What is “inclusive education”?;... more

Volume 1, No. 3 - Writing and Critical Thinking

 Articles (available in Romanian): Critical thinking and critical literacy; Writing in everyday life; Using writing activities in teaching university students; From traditional... more

Volume 1, No. 2 - Teaching critical thinking skills

 Articles (available in Romanian): Critical thinking in the classroom: it is never too early to start; Teaching math: changing students’ and teachers’ roles; Using... more

Volume1, No.1 - The Teacher

Articles (available in Romanian): Constructivism and the teacher’s roles, The teacher’s diary – a useful tool, Teachers as “reflective practitioners”,... more


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First multiplier event (E3) - BleTeach project

Webportal for promoting reading

The Goethe-Institute libraries in South-Eastern Europe started a webportal on reading promotion for children and young people which offers information in several languages, also in Romanian. We invite you to visit the webportal at

Math Lessons for Critical Thinking - Book

The Book "Math Lessons for Critical Thinking" is written by Ariana Văcăreţu and it was published with the support of the Romanian RWCT Association. The book is available in Romanian language.