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The Romanian Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking Association (RWCT Romania) is a forum that invites educators and trainers to share progressive ideas about education and training. RWCT Romania promotes sustainable development by supporting the education of critical thinkers.


ELN First Literacy Summit in Porto

The ELN First Literacy Summit in Porto is fast approaching and will take place from November 1 to 3, 2018. The summit will provide a forum to present/ disseminate literacy work to a broad audience of practitioners, non-profit organisations, researchers, and developers. 

Multiplier event BleTeach - 2nd workshop

Romanian RWCT Association General Assembly 2017

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Math Lessons for Critical Thinking - Book

The Book "Math Lessons for Critical Thinking" is written by Ariana Văcăreţu and it was published with the support of the Romanian RWCT Association. The book is available in Romanian language.