The Teenagers Parliament

The Teenagers Parliament was developed in partnership with the Ethnocultural Diversity Resource Center.

Donor: EU Phare

Duration: 2005-6 (12 months)
Target groups: 24 teenagers representing 6 high schools (around 2500 high school students involved in local activities) from 6 different counties from the North-West Region; 6 local tutors (adults, teachers from the high schools from where the students come) who will accompany the students and help them with their activities at local level; 4 local MPs.

Goals and objectives: The project aimed to develop the values of democracy and the rule of law by improving the teenagers’ abilities to actively practice their civic rights and responsibilities.
- to develop the abilities for critical thinking and civic activism of 24 high school students and 6 teachers from 6 high schools  in the North-West  region;
- to train 24 high school students and 6 teachers in the fields of: democracy, civic representation and participation, human rights, parliamentary activity, critical thinking and social action; 
- to support the development of high school students’ abilities to actively exercise their civic rights and responsibilities;
- to practice the democratic exercise in high schools;
- to support the active involvement of the teenagers in solving their own problems;
- making the adults aware of the teenagers’ efforts and preoccupations and the identification of support groups at local level;
- to create a high school network that promotes the active involvement of youth in actions that encourage the democratization of schools and communities;
- to facilitate the links between high schools and local politicians with different political background.
Types of activities: selection of beneficiaries, training, visits to MPs, “parliamentary sessions”, production of an official gazette.
  • The Teenagers’ Parliament (the selection of 6 parliamentary groups, each made up of 4 students from 6 counties) set up on the basis of a platform program;
  • 24 students and 6 theachers were trained; the topics of the trainings: Political representation and democracy, Critical thinking and active citizenship
  • Youth MPs’ offices within the participating high schools: a space in which the students can perform different activities and from which they can coordinate their activity. The teenagers presented their platform to the entire school and to the local community.
  • Local campaigns for promoting human rights and democratic values in high schools
  • Parliamentary Session of the Teenagers’ Parliament: a week of parliamentary session that reproduced the real parliamentary activity: the Senate and the House of Representatives.
  • The publishing of “The Teenagers’ Official Monitor” and its distribution to the Romanian Parliament, county and local councils and also to the other teenagers in high schools during local events of dissemination.

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