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The Romanian RWCT Association is member of the Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking International Consortium (RWCT IC) ( ) since March 2004.

The RWCT IC was founded as a nongovernmental organization in Romania, in September 2006.  It is a significant trans-national teachers’ organization that promotes critical thinking and active learning as means of achieving quality education all over the world. The goals RWCT IC pursues are:

  • promoting the values of open, democratic society through quality education for all;
  • supporting educators to become promoters of critical thinking, active and cooperative learning;
  • promoting lifelong learning and professional growth.

The Romanian RWCT Association has been the national affiliate of the International Literacy Association (ILA) since the 10th of June 2008. Since 1956, IRA has been a nonprofit, global network of individuals and institutions committed to worldwide literacy.  It promotes high levels of literacy for all by:

- Improving the quality of reading instruction

- Disseminating research and information about reading

- Encouraging the lifetime reading habit.

The Romanian RWCT Association is part of the International Development in Europe Committee (IDEC)  Since 1979 the IDEC has brought together representatives of the national reading associations in Europe, which are affiliated to the International Reading Association.

The Romanian RWCT Association has been affiliated to the FEDERATION OF EUROPEAN LITERACY ASSOCIATIONS (FELA) since the 17th of January 2009. FELA was founded in November 2008 by European organizations, IRA members.

The Romanian RWCT Association has been affiliated to the CALIEDU Coalition since September 2015. The CALIEDU Coalition is an informal group of associations, foundations, resource centers and other institutions/ organisations  and its aim is to increase the level of participation of national and regional educational NGOs in developing fundamental educational policies based on research.




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First multiplier event (E3) - BleTeach project

Webportal for promoting reading

The Goethe-Institute libraries in South-Eastern Europe started a webportal on reading promotion for children and young people which offers information in several languages, also in Romanian. We invite you to visit the webportal at

Math Lessons for Critical Thinking - Book

The Book "Math Lessons for Critical Thinking" is written by Ariana Văcăreţu and it was published with the support of the Romanian RWCT Association. The book is available in Romanian language.